Berliner Pub Talk: Connecting Latin America and Germany – Trade, Digitalization, Climate Protection, Immigration

Café en passant
Schönhauser Allee 58, 10439 Berlin

Dear guests of the Berlin Pub Talk,

Next pub talk on:

„Connecting Latin America and Germany – Trade, Digitalization, Climate Protection, Immigration“.

on 23rd January, 7.30 pm
Location: „En Passent“ (Schönhauser Allee 58 / 10439 Berlin).

Best wishes
Matthias Bannas

Who will be our experts?

  • Stefan Liebich MdB, Spokesperson on Foreign Policy, Fraktion Die Linke
  • Keisha Kal Witter, Chargée d’Affaires Embassy of Jamaica
  • Dr. Erasmo A. Lara Cabrera, Chargée dÁffairs, Embassy of Mexico
  • Christopher Kränzler, Member Board of Directors Bitkom
  • further repräsentatives from other Latin American countries

Moderator: Stefan Mauer, Xing News
Opening remarks: Matthias Bannas
Introduction into the topic: Dr. Robert Grimm, Director Ipsos


Please register via email: or on our Facebook-Page.

Topic: Connecting Latin America and Germany – Trade, Climate Protection, Immigration

The Mercosur Treaty will intensify the trade connections between Latin America and Germany. But what about the countries who are not Mercosur members? How can the trade between Germany and Latin America been improved?

For 42 percent of the Germans, climate protection is the most important political topic. Both the German Government and the European Commission have a very ambitious Climate Protection Agenda. Which are the options to co-operate successfully for better climate protection?

Immigration and the exchange of students are important stimuli for the relationship of countries. What can be done to simplify a regular exchange between Germany and Latin America?

Berlin Pub Talk

The Berliner Pub Talk is a regular political event. It takes place about 10 times a year in a chess café and pub in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. People who work for political institutions, the government, the media or who are just interested in politics discuss with members of parliament, representatives from companies, the civil society or other countries about politics. Participants include Harald Kujat (former general inspector of the German army), Elke Breitenbach (minister or social affairs in Berlin) and Denis Mikerin (Russian press attaché in Berlin). Xing News (18 million members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Ipsos (the world’s biggest opinion research institute) are partners of the event.
Who is organising the event?

The event ist organinised by the Berliner Redekünstler, Xing News, Ipsos and the Foreign Council On Economic Relations.

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