#EUinfluencer 2019: How has social media reshaped political communication?


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Boulevard Charlemagne 1, 1041 Brussels

Influence is now inextricably linked to the big social media platforms. Social media has transformed how messages travel between politicians, citizens, and those trying to shape policy. Here in Brussels, elected officials, lobbyists, think tanks and the media interact daily on Twitter and other social platforms…some to better effect than others.

Join us for a third edition of #EUinfluencer event where EURACTIV and ZN will rank the top Brusselsโ€™ Twitter influencers.

NEW THIS YEAR: We will rank the top EU influencers by policy sector (such as Energy, Environment, Health) and we will turn our attention to how social media has reshaped communication in the EU bubble.

Please find further information and the registration link here.

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