Official launch of the “Eurasian Integration Index Initiative”

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Französische Straße 23, 10117 Berlin
This event focuses on the integration levels among the countries of Eurasia, launching the “Eurasian Integration Index Initiative”.

The integration of Eurasian economies and their relationship with European economies seems inevitable. With the rapid economic expansion of China, India, and Eurasian nations, there is a growing demand to improve connections between Europe and Asia. The current status quo of the rising world in the East provides an opportunity for Eurasian countries to emerge as a hub for finance, goods, and services, which makes them a valuable trade partner for Europe. The rise of Asia and Eurasia stimulates the interest to identify the level of collaboration among these economies. The Eurasia Integration Index Initiative would cover the major elements of integration among the economies of Eurasia to provide an intensive for further collaboration. Bruno Maçães in his book titled: “The Dawn of Eurasia: On the Trail of the New World Order” states that we need to look at Eurasia as a region that in emerging world defines the emerging global order. He argues that China and Russia already recognised the significance of Eurasia, and European countries’ political interests are linked to the super-continent of Eurasia. He further demonstrates that the concept of “Eurasianism” can be seen in the China’s mega project of reviving the historic Silk Road which links Asia to Europe, the two continents that are global economic and political power players. He argues that in order for Europe, in particular the European Union, to avoid being left behind, greater attention must be paid to investing in stronger relationships with Asian countries.

This event is dedicated to set up the ground to initiate the project that eventually builds a composite index that measures the integration level among the countries of Eurasia.

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