Rise of the Far Right In Europe: How to Fight It

An online discussion hosted by Lewisham Workers’ LIberty about how the labour movement can fight against the far right across Europe.

About this Event

  • The growth in anti-semitism across Europe
  • Attacks on migrant rights
  • Scapegoating of immigrants and refugees
  • The rise nationalist ideas
  • The growth in right-wing popularlist ideas

These movements feed on despair and demoralism resulting from the failures of labour movements to mobilise their tremendous potential power in the workplaceand fightback against austerity.

The coming century will see tremendous upheavals. The horrors of climate change will generate mass migration on an unprecedented scale and social emergencies that will shake our society. In the decades to come, we need a labour movement that responds to crises with the politics of solidarity, compassion, and rationality.

Join us for a discussion. Please join via Zoom, just click this link:Β https://zoom.us/j/301216849

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