Europe’s new strategic map, one year after the „Zeitenwende“

Diese Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit.

Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz first used the term Zeitenwende to describe the mood of upheaval that is permeating the European continent. The political buzzword initially referred to Germany’s envisaged boost in defense spending, later to policies such as exporting weapons, and ultimately to a broader change in the world order and severing ties with Russia.

On 15 March, we welcome Luuk van Middelaar, Founder of the Brussels Institute for Geopolitics and Professor of EU Law at Leiden University, who will analyse the larger consequences of the Zeitenwende by looking at where Europe is standing in terms of space and time. What is Europe’s spot on the strategic map in the context of harder borders, strained relations with Russia, internal power shifts, and EU enlargement? And where are the EU and the whole continent in terms of place in time, on the historic clock?


Welcome by Johannes Lindner, Co-Director of the Jacques Delors Centre
Input by Luuk van Middelaar
Moderated discussion with Luuk van Middelaar and Hertie School Prof. Christine Reh
Q&A with the public


This is a public event free of charge, but you need to register for access.



15. März 2023 18:00
15. März 2023 19:30
Friedrichstraße 180, 10117 Berlin


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