The Future of Political Parties

Diese Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit.

Trust in political parties is at an all-time low. Many see them as part of the problem of democratic decline. A growing movement even envisages democracy without them. If political parties are to have a future, they must change. What needs to change is less clear – but the key question is how political parties can actually change.

Join us for an engaging online-discussion about the most pressing issues currently affecting the landscape of political parties in Europe

This panel brings together expert practitioners from the front line of European party politics. They will all share their first-hand experiences and views on party innovation.

  • Benedicta Lasi (Secretary-General Socialist International)
  • Birgitta Ohlsson (Director for Political Parties, National Democratic Institute)
  • Louise Pettersson (Project Manager, Centerpartiet)
  • Pepijn van Dijk (Executive Director, VVD)
  • Host: Josef Lentsch, PartyParty

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11. Mai 2023 14:00
11. Mai 2023 15:30


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