Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy

Ensuring equal rights, equal participation and resources for women, girls and marginalised groups as well as supporting diversity is a key element of Germany’s foreign policy. Together with partners from across the world, we would like to discuss opportunities and challenges for a feminist foreign policy approach as an indispensable foundation for securing peace, stability and prosperity. Join us for a high-level conference dedicated to further shaping feminist foreign policy in the light of the many challenges ahead of us.

A series of workshops will explore practical aspects of shaping feminist foreign policy – ranging from gender budgeting to strengthening accountability for conflict-related sexual violence, covering cultural diplomacy as well as climate policy. The parallel workshop sessions will bring together high-level experts from the public sector, civil society and academia.

Apart from sharing lessons learnt and best practices, these workshops aim to identify possible responses and concrete next steps to tackle current challenges from a feminist foreign policy perspective.

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Interested in discussions around shaping feminist foreign policy, but unable to join us in person? Follow the livestream of the high level segment, starting at 2.00 p.m. CEST (Berlin time) on 12th September!


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