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Bringing the Future Back to Democracy

The coronavirus pandemic is causing central aspects of life and politics to be fundamentally questioned. These reassessments go far beyond the immediate repercussions of the crisis. A broad consensus has been established: we are living in times of transformation. This has resulted in political actors beginning to invest political capital and financial resources in prioritizing our future in today’s budgets.

Yet, while many of us can agree on the pursuit of certain general values such as multilateralism and a few very specific goals like the “two-degree-target”, we struggle to paint tangible images of the future. The future matters, both ours and that of generations to come. To what extent should it guide us in the present? What should the future framework of our societies look like and how does this translate to our everyday lives? We believe that more room for discussion on possible future visions can help unify and integrate democracies on their way forward and move past the status quo.

Innocracy 2020 will tap into a reality that does not yet exist, openly exploring the options that lie ahead of us. Normative images of our future societies build the foundation for successful political narratives, they can help us better safeguard the interests of future generations, and they offer the orientation we so urgently need in times of transformation.

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