AI in Media: Impact on Civil Society and Trust in the News

Diese Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit.

What is the impact of AI on civil society and trust in the news?
Join us for a discussion on the critical intersection of AI, trust in media, and the upcoming elections in 2024!
As AI technology continues to advance, the rise of deepfake content poses a significant threat to the integrity of information dissemination. From fabricated videos to misleading articles, the rise of AI-generated content undermines public trust in traditional news sources and exacerbates the spread of misinformation.
In this talk, Till Eckert (Investigative Journalist at Correctiv) and Steven Perlberg (PR Lead at Merantix) aim to delve deeper into the challenges posed by deepfake technology and explore strategies for combating misinformation in the digital age. With the 2024 elections, the need for a robust defense against AI-generated content is more pressing than ever. We’ll examine the potential impact of AI in shaping public opinion and discuss ways to promote transparency and accountability in media reporting.
More speakers to be announced soon!
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About the speakers:
Steven Perlberg is the head of communications at Merantix, an investment firm dedicated to building and investing in companies in the field of AI. He also leads PR efforts for the AI House Davos. Steven previously worked as a journalist for a decade covering media, technology, and politics. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Fortune, and other publications.
Till Eckert is a journalist from Correctiv who investigated mis- and disinformation for many years. He has built and led a team debunking false claims and manipulated content on a daily basis, using unprecedented data research to show how Instagram became a tool for right-wing extremists and exposed Chinese influence at German universities. For his work, he was awarded the German Reporter Prize, among other things.



4. April 2024 18:00
4. April 2024 20:30
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