Connecting disinformation dots across Europe – lessons from the Slovak and Polish elections

Diese Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit.

Our webinar on 5 December will dive into the intricate world of disinformation as we unveil the findings of our new comparative study that sheds light on trends and idiosyncrasies across the diverse European disinformation landscapes. The study derives from our acclaimed series of country factsheets, crafted together with our vibrant community, and published with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF). Join us on a journey through narratives, emblematic cases, counter-disinformation communities, policy initiatives!

Adding a current perspective to the discussion, we’ll zone in on the impact of disinformation during the Slovak and Polish elections, especially pertinent in light of the forthcoming “super election year”. We’ll uncover recurrent narratives, potential threats, and the solutions implemented to safeguard the integrity of the democratic process. What strategies worked, what didn’t? What were the pivotal lessons that could be applied in the context of upcoming EU elections?

The webinar will include a dedicated Q&A session where you can interact with our speakers, seek clarification, additional insights, or further exploration of specific topics. Your questions are an integral part of shaping the conversation!

Join us as we connect the dots between local challenges and global implications!



5. Dezember 2023 12:00
5. Dezember 2023 13:30


EU DisinfoLab