#ReshapeEurope: Defending Liberal Democracy Around the World

Diese Veranstaltung liegt in der Vergangenheit.

The Russian war against Ukraine has revealed a multitude of challenges for the EU. A new competition for influence between global players has been set in motion, whereby the binding power of the West is not as strong as expected. In a world, which is characterized by strategic rivalry between authoritarian states and liberal democracies, these are alarming developments. In order to defend the model of free and democratic societies against authoritarian threats, the European project must regain its global appeal. To this end, the EU must demonstrate that free and democratic societies are best suited to master major challenges. At the same time, the EU must strengthen its global partnerships and not relinquish them to the influence of global players with opposing values.

How can the EU’s model of liberal democracy be defended and promoted at home and around the globe? How should the EU’s global partnerships and alliances with other countries and regions be shaped in the future to strengthen liberal democracy against authoritarian threats? Together with international experts and political decision-makers, we search for answers to these questions at our annual flagship conference on Europe in Berlin.

Let’s #ReshapeEurope together!


09:30 Registration

  • Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Paqué
    Chairman of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom


10:00 Video Message

  • Dr. Vitali Klitschko (requested)
    Mayor of Kyiv Keynote
  • What Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Means for Europe and the World
  • H.E. Oleksii Makeiev
    Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany


10:20 Panel Discussion

  • Defending European Values at Home and Abroad
  • Wera Hobhouse MP
    Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, United Kingdom
  • Marta Lempart
    Polish Women’s Right Acitivist; Founder of the All-Poland Women’s Strike
  • H.E. Oleksii Makeiev
    Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany
  • Anna Oreg
    Member of the National Assembly Serbia; President of the Vojvodina Branch of the Movement of Free Citizens
  • Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann MdB
    Chairwoman of the Defense Committee of the German Bundestag; Designated Top Candidate of the FDP for the European Elections
  • Moderation: Dr. Melinda Crane


11:30 Hackathon Pitches

  • In a worldwide hackathon series, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s global partners discussed how to strengthen the EU’s role in other world regions. The 8 finalists from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa, North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia and South Asia will pitch their ideas during the conference. The audience can vote for their favorite pitch.


12:10 Lunch Time

  • Time to Explore the „Europe in the World“ Exhibition


13:30 Hackathon Award Ceremony


14:00 Online Impulse

  • The EU’s Role in the Systemic Competition Between Autocracies and Liberal Democracies
  • Ivan Krastev
    Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Bulgaria; Permanent Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Vienna


14:15 Panel Discussion

  • Strengthening Democratic Cooperation for the Challengens of our Time
  • Sagarika Ghose
    Columnist, Journalist and Author, India
  • Valeria Moy
    Director, Mexican Institute for Competetiveness (IMCO)
  • Isabelle Poupart
    Chargée d’Affaires, a.i., Embassy of Canada, Berlin
  • Dorothy Jonas Semu
    Vice Chairperson for the Mainland and Shadow Prime Minister of the Alliance for Change and Transparency, Tanzania
  • Hackathon Winner
  • Moderation: Dr. Melinda Crane


15:20 Closing Remarks

  • Anne Brasseur
    Former President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe; Board Member of the Friedrich Naumann Fourndation for Freedom


15:30 End of Event



10. Oktober 2023 10:00
10. Oktober 2023 16:00
Pariser Platz 6, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland


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